Year 11 Steps to Success

Many thanks for attending the Steps to Success evening on 4th October. As promised, please find attached some of the key slides we shared on the evening and also a copy of all the resources that were distributed on the night.

Subject teachers are in the process of putting topic lists for each of the exams onto Show my Homework for their classes. This will support your son/daughter’s work on prioritising topics for revision as they start this intensive period of preparation for their PPEs in November. Please encourage your son/daughter to check this website for updates regularly.

All students have been issued with a ‘Revision Planner’ template so they can plot the topics they will study (and when) over the next few weeks. It would be lovely if you could ask your son/daughter how they are getting on with this regularly as it really can help them manage their time effectively during this busy period. Remember that 16 hours a week of independent revision is the gold standard for maximum success.

The revision strategies that we mentioned on the night are also attached as a reminder of some useful techniques that can be used when revising, to make the learning stick! As a reminder, the PPE timetable that was published is provisional. Any updates to this will be put on this webpage and texted home to parents. From the 15th October, the timetable on the website will be the final and confirmed version. We don’t anticipate many changes, hence providing it to you early to support with preparation for exams.

GCSE Maths Information

Pathways Booklet

PPE Timetable – Nov 2018

Revision Planner Year 11 PPEs

Revision Strategies 2018

S2S Presentation Oct 2018

Year 11 Booster Programme

Year 11 Revision Guide Catalogue – Summer 2019