Steps to Success Evening – Year 10 – Information and Resources

Thank you to the parents/carers in Year 10 who were able to attend our recent Steps to Success evening.

We hope you found the evening informative and useful to you in your support of your son/daughter as they start preparations for their first round of PPEs (pre public examinations).

As promised on the evening, please find below a link to the resources we shared for reference purposes.

As discussed at the evening, we will soon be hosting a student revision conference at the academy in the next few weeks.

This will cover many of the themes we covered at the information evening. The purpose of this conference will be to fully equip students with the organisation and independent study skills they need to be successful in the PPEs after the Easter holidays.

For any parents/carers who were not able to attend, I hope this information is useful to you. If you would like a print out of the copies of these resources, then please call main reception. We will be happy to post them to you if you wish or give them to your son/daughter to bring home.

Also, a copy of your son/daughter’s latest progress check for Term 3/4 has already been posted to you this week as these were also handed out on the evening.

Key Dates for Year 10 Term 4-6

Parent Booklet Revision Strategies Yr10

Student Revision Planner PPE April 2018

Support for Parents & Carers