Please find attached a copy of the PPE Timetable for February 2019.

The students have received full preparation during Term 3 ahead of these important examinations. All students have also been given a personal timetable which outlines their room and seat locations.

For your reference, students have been provided with a Revision Planner which allows them to plan out the revision sessions they will complete. They also have a copy of the Active Revision Strategies that we have shared previously in the Revision Conference and at our Steps to Success events last year and at the start of Year 11.  Expect to see these documents in use at home over the half term holiday.

Finally, there is still a lot of support available to students and we are able to open the academy next week for some targeted revision sessions. Please see the attached February Half Term Revision Sessions for details of what is being taught and when. Students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity if they are able to.

Also, there are some minor amendments to the period 7 Revision café after school in term 4. This is to accommodate the PPE exams and provide some wellbeing support for the students. You will find a copy of the revised schedule here.

Should you have any further queries about the PPEs or need any further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.