Key Contacts

Mr Elliott Swanton – Subject Leader
Mr Philip Arnold (SSCO)
Mrs Emily Baker
Mrs Sarah Goater
Mr James Trott
Miss Rebecca Martin

Students will learn about Physical Education from a Multi-Ability approach.  Students will be developed and assessed in six different strands including social, personal, cognitive, creativity, physical and health and fitness skills.  Students will develop knowledge and understanding in a wide range of activities,   including invasion games, athletic based activities, movement through music, health related exercise, net games and racket principles, striking, fielding and target games, team building and problem solving.

Year 7 Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018

Year 8 Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018

Year 9 Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018


Core Physical Education is compulsory for all students and includes various games, dance, gymnastic and athletic activities.  Students will also follow a health related exercise programme of study and will have the opportunity to follow a Sports Leaders Level 1 Course – a National Leadership Qualification.  In Year 11 students have the opportunity to go off-site during PE lessons.  Activities include swimming, squash, badminton, ice-skating, golf, climbing and ten-pin-bowling.

GCSE (AQA) Physical Education includes a practical and a theory element.  Students are assessed in four different physical activities/ways of thinking.  The theory aspect focuses on:  health, fitness and the factors affecting performance; principles of training; factors affecting individual performance and participation; social and cultural factors, anatomy and physiology, and contemporary issues.

BTEC Sport Level 2 (Edexcel) Students complete 4 units: Practical sports performance, Leading sports activities, Fitness for sport and Exercise and training for personal fitness. The majority of the course is assessed through coursework, with one of the units being assessed externally through an online exam.

Year 10 Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018

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Year 10X Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018

Year 10Y Curriculum Plan for 2017-2018

AS/A2 Physical Education AQA Examination board
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