Key Contact

Mr Nick Sutton – Head of Dept / Music Teacher
Mrs Louisa Harris – Music Teacher
Mrs Kathryn Shaw – Music Teacher

Students will take part in a Music lesson twice over the two week timetable.  Students develop creative and co-operative ways of working acquire new musical skills and further develop existing ones.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to develop their musical understanding and skills. Topics range from performing in small bands to composing a class song.  Students will be taught basic keyboard and guitar skills and will have at least one term in our Music ICT suite, learning how to use Garage Band.  Students are encouraged to use the Music Department’s facilities during break time and after school to enhance their learning and develop their musical interests.  Each class has its own blog in which recordings of work is placed in order for students, and parents, to listen to their work, and make comments if they wish!

We actively encourage all year 7s to learn an instrument and take part in extra-curricular activities.  There are a number of extra-curricular activities which all students are encouraged to attend including a drum group, Chamber Choir, a Rock Group, Orchestra, DJ group and our annual musical which takes place every February.  We have a number of community links with local music organisations and a number of our students play South Gloucestershire Youth Jazz Band and Senior Orchestra.  We have been selected to take part in national music events, most recently representing the South West on a folk project.




Schemes of Work

We offer GCSE Music. The course develops performance, composition and listening skills. All students have the opportunity to perform in our termly Tea Time concerts, end of term concerts and performances in the local community. Some KS4 students support and lead our KS3 extra-curricular activities.

AS/A Level Music