Key Contacts

Miss Céline Buliard – Subject Leader
Miss Aurélia Mouries

Students in Year 7 will have the opportunity to study both French and Spanish.
The lessons are taught in French or Spanish in a friendly atmosphere where students are encouraged to communicate in the target language right from the start.

Both courses are based on four skills namely: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Students follow “The Languages Bridge” programme for the first term, which will enable the development of essential linguistic and grammar skills. Students then study a total of 2/3 modules in both French and Spanish throughout the year.
Through a variety of topics they will be encouraged to become more confident speakers and more independent learners in a foreign language.

Communication is vital in the classroom.  Students are given many opportunities to practise pronounciation and intonation.  They communicate with the teacher and with their peers.

To develop their understanding they listen to CDs and watch TV programmes.  They read short and longer passages in the target language.

To develop their memorising skills, they sing and play structured games.  They even write poetry!
Thanks to our computer room, all students use ICT to produce and refine pieces of work and develop their independent learning of a language and a new culture.
It makes learning a language a more realistic and modern experience.

Home Learning is a vital part of language learning, encouraging learning and a wider knowledge of the culture of France, Spain and French and Spanish speaking countries – parents are invited to support their child by testing him/her on a regular basis.

Provision of trips
Whenever possible trips are usually organised in Year 8 and again at Key Stage 4.

In Year 10 the students will be able to study both languages at GCSE.


AS/A Level French
AS/A Level Spanish