Key Contacts

Miss Victoria Williams (2nd Maths)
Mrs Maria Hickman
Mr Jamie Butler
Mrs Jane Rogers
Mrs Jingwen Ma

The Scheme of Work follows the National Framework for Mathematics at KS3 and places great emphasis on Mathematical Applications and Processes and to problem solving.

The curriculum we provide is designed to motivate students through the use of ‘Rich Tasks’ and provide scope for more flexible ways of working.

Students are tracked throughout KS3.  We seek to identify any not reaching their potential and then provide support to enable them to progress through various interventions.


On the KS4 Scheme of work the dates correspond to the year that the students study each particular section. For year 9 work for example some students will study this in 2017, some in 2018, some in 2019 and so forth. For this reason the dates on the scheme of work can be ignored.  

All our students take GCSE examinations in Mathematics.  There are two tiers of entry designed for differing abilities.  Higher tier candidates can be awarded grades A* – D, Foundation candidates can be awarded grades C – G. Those students aiming for the highest of grades may also be entered for an Additional Maths qualification.

Our GCSE course and associated help and support has been placed onto our VLE which we find gives students a greater chance to be involved in their own progress and learning, so allowing them to achieve higher grades.  We provide a number of opportunities for students to improve their grades through special revision sessions and individualised targeted support.  Our results have been consistently good, with the majority of students achieving or exceeding their target grades.

The course follows a functional path which focuses on the more interesting problem solving elements.

3-Year-Foundation Maths

3-Year-Higher Maths

AS/A Level in Mathematics
AS/A Further Mathematics