2017-2018 Exam Results

2018 summer exam results have shown a significant improvement on previous years. In terms of attainment measures, 61{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} of students gained grades 9-4 in both English and Maths (Basics 9-4).

This is a 11{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} rise on last year and the best attainment figures for 10 years at the academy. At 9-5 this figure was 31{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} which is a 6{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} rise. Almost every department showed improvements in attainment too most notably in English Literature, Science, French, Drama, Music, Art, PRE and GCSE PE.

Our overall provisional progress figure (Progress 8) improved from -0.89 to -0.29, an improvement of +0.60 meaning every student in every subject did nearly two thirds of a grade better or putting it another way over 1000 grades improved across the cohort.

Art, Health & social Care, Music, BTEC Sport, GCSE PE, Biology and Physics all achieved positive progress figures.

Our disadvantaged students also showed dramatic improvements in their results. Attainment 9-4 was up by 8{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} and 9-5 by 2{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a}. Progress moved from -1.13 to -0.65. SEND students’ attainment and progress improved significantly too and girls had a positive progress score.

In terms of individual students there were many success stories but our most able young people performed exceptionally well. Only 2.6{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} of the student population nationally gain a grade 9, some of our students gained a string of 9’s proving you can be very academic and perform well in exams at Hanham Woods Academy!

The table below summarises headline data form this summers’ GCSE exam results:

2017-18 (provisional) 2016-17 2015-16
Attainment 8 44.10 36.84 41.40
Progress 8 -0.29 -0.89 -0.74
Basics 9-4 61{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 50{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 49{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a}
Basics 9-5 31{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 26{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} N/A
English 9-4 76{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 66{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 65{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a}
Maths 9-4 67{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 57{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a} 56{1c6935878403827ddbe4522e5eee103793a622f48e26cfcf6d7a422b74f5f86a}

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