Key Contacts

Ms Dominique Deiuliis – Subject Leader
Mrs Dominique Rhodes
Miss Helen Boschen
Mr Craig Coulstring
Miss Abbi Simmons
Miss Caileigh McNeil

All students follow a course that allows them to experience a wide range of materials and processes in a number of design based situations.  The students start the year taking a Communications and Expectations module, where they will learn basic skills to help them in DT, and then move on to modules covering food, graphics, textiles, resistant materials, and electronics.  Each of these modules lasts approximately seven weeks and is taught by the same teacher.  The theme for the year is “Designing for You”.

In this time they will continue to work in Food, Textiles and Product Design but will learn about electronics, computer aided design, computer aided manufacture and paper engineering.  As their skills increase they are given more independence in their design problems as reflected through the Year 8 theme of “Designing for Others”.

In Year 9 all students have the opportunity to specialise in one of the following areas: Food, Textiles and Product Design. In the 5 lessons per fortnight the students will be following schemes of work developing their skills and abilities in preparation for their GCSE courses.

AS/A2 Level Design Technology: Product Design – 3D.  AQA Examination Board.
AS/A2 Level Design Technology: Food.  AQA Examination Board.