Academy Councillors Information :-

Paul RodmanChairman
I work within the Aerospace Industry for Rolls-Royce, where I have been employed for 20 Years.
I have been part of the Governance structure of the Academy since conversion.
I have previous experience of being a school Governor at Beacon Rise Primary where I was the Chair for 4 years, I have 2 children who currently both attend Hanham Woods Academy, one as part of the CLF Post 16 prevision.
I believe that all students deserve the best possible educational provision,to allowing them to access the widest range opportunities for their future.

Vicky Perez – Parent Councillor
I have been a parent academy councillor for almost two years. I have two children at Hanham Woods, in years 7 and 10.
I am the financial director of a local engineering company which is also our family business.
Last year I obtained my full Accounting qualifications (MAAT).
Prior to starting a family, I was a primary school teacher.
Having worked in a teaching environment previously in my career and being a parent for the last 15 years, I believe that I have gained a unique perspective on the educational system from both sides.
I remain interested in all aspects of education and am very keen to see all children achieve their full potential.
I am supportive of the positive changes that are being introduced at Hanham and excited to see where the academy is headed in the future.

Katharine Alcock – Sponsor Councillor
Worked in the public sector for over 20 years, initially advising and helping long term unemployed young people to find work or access education.
For the past 12 years has worked in the education sector initially at Hanham High school, now Hanham Woods Academy as a member of support staff doing various roles and currently as a member of the HR department within the CLF central team.
Is passionate about education, it’s importance and the vital role our academy plays in enabling students to obtain the best possible qualifications they can achieve but also equipping them with the confidence, resilience and drive required to succeed in their careers and life in general. Has been an Academy Councillor at Hanham Woods Academy for 18 months

Paul Laidler – Teaching Staff Councillor
I am currently a Science teacher at HWA and I have worked at the academy, in a variety of roles, since January 2005.
I have been the teaching staff representative on the academy council since June 2016. Prior to this I had advised the previous school governors on various issues, mainly linked to professional development and personnel.
I have worked as a teacher for nearly 30 years and I  still  feel as passionate now, as I did all those years ago, about providing the young people going through our schools and academies with a balanced education. One that provides access to the wonders of the world, fair employment and the level of achievement needed to make the next steps in a life time of learning.

Duncan Mathers – Designated Safeguarding Lead
I have worked in the public sector since the age of 16 joining the army as a boy soldier.
As well as having a good understanding of the difficulties that military life presents to families I am also keenly aware of how prison life affects young people and their families.
I spent several years working in a Juvenile Detention Centre for young people 15-18 years of age.
This experience prompted me to try to understand why so many young people become criminalised. I chose to work in a secondary school and gain professional qualifications in counselling to work with young people.
Hanham Woods Academy is my second secondary school. I lead the Student Support Team which provides pastoral support for students and their families. This team helps to support the student with their confidence, abilities and determination to achieve their personal best outcome during their school career. I have been the Student Advocate on the Academy Council for the past 18 months.

Sally Rouch – Parent Councillor
My roots are firmly within the Hanham locality and as a past pupil I have watched the school grow and evolve throughout the years.
All three of my children have attended Hanham Woods Academy, enjoying the rich and diverse curriculum it has to offer.
I currently work locally within the education sector as an Early Years Professional and believe that secure foundations for learning, together with working in partnership with parents, support children to grow and develop into well-rounded members of our community.
I have shared the journey the school has taken over the past four years and look forwards to the future as it continues to develop within the CLF.

Martin Cross – Sponsored Councillor
I am a school councillor because I know career and family are a direct result of the life chances created by my own education; today’s children deserve no less an opportunity for success.
I joined the Britannia Royal Naval College direct from school and served as a submarine engineering officer for 27 years, thoroughly enjoying service life.
I now work in risk and technical safety management consultancy, a role I thoroughly enjoy.
I became a parent governor of Hanham Woods Academy (then Hanham High School) in May 2004 partly from self-interest of own my children’s education, but also to contribute to the local community having spent most of my service life travelling away.
I have learnt that a School Councillor does improve the education of and opportunities for our children; so reviewing all that paperwork and asking awkward questions does have its rewards.

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